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Tangible Africa places coding concepts within reach of any child willing to learn.

We believe children from “un-plugged” communities could one day plug the global shortage of software developers.

Our solution targets scenarios where computers, internet access or even electricity are inaccessible. It utilizes cost-effective instruments, implemented by teachers or facilitators who aren’t qualified programmers. Our product is as simple and fun as a game.


The concept for Tangible originates from the sunny coastal city of Gqeberha, South Africa. A 21 year old student, Byron Batteson, developed the TANKS app for his Honours project in 2017. Prof.

Jean Greyling, Head of the Computing Sciences Department at Mandela University, identified outstanding potential and expanded the concept into a flesh and bones operation.

Their partnership, formally a Mandela University Engagement project, shows the power of collaboration between student and teacher.

Byron is now a software developer for Amazon in Cape Town, South Africa. Meanwhile “Prof” continues to inspire his students, at the same time facilitating operations of the expanding Tangible team.

From the original TANKS, two more apps, RANGERS, and BOATS, have been developed. Since its 2017 launch, thousands of bright minds have been impacted in countries as diverse as Ghana and Ireland.

Stories of Impact

Testing 1 2 …. 3

Three months after Mandela Day, when 6 000 learners from all nine provinces in South Africa, as well as Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Zambia, participated in

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Every Good Act Counts

Tangible aims to reach all corners of Africa. Starting from South Africa we have been able to reach nearly 50000 learners in direct workshops.

Leva Foundation is the official implementation partner of Nelson Mandela University Computing Sciences distributing over 500 kits.

We are building up to various #Coding4Mandela tournaments across SA and in certain African countries on Monday 18 July 2022.

There's a shortage of Software Developers, that's a fact.

Tangible Africa strives to introduce learners to coding concepts without the use of computers, using offline, cost effective instruments that can be effective in scenarios where electricity and internet is not readily available, without needing teachers or facilitators who are qualified programmers

The TANKS and RANGERS coding apps have been widely used in SA to reach learners with coding without the use of computers. It originates from Honours student Byron Batteson who developed the TANKS app for his project in 2017.

Nelson Mandela University

At NMU it received three Innovation and Engagement Excellence awards from the Vice-Chancellor.

Leva Foundation

Leva Foundation is the official implementation partner of Nelson Mandela University Computing Sciences.

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