HERITAGE Month Virtual Tournament

The official tournament starts at 18:00 on Tuesday 27 September and concludes at midnight Tuesday 4 October

Incentives include cash prizes for top 3 learners (R5000, R3500, R1500), coding kits for participating schools and free 1 GB data for top 50 learners.

For practicing, download the latest version of "BOATS powered by Tangibl", only from Google Playstore. For the tournament, download a new version, not before Monday 26 September, since we will upload a new version over the weekend.


Follow our Facebook page (Games powered by Tangibl) for tournament news and feedback.


Unfortunately, not all phones are compatible. We apologize for that.


The app is only available for Android devices.


Send a WhatsApp to 066 060 5604 if you need help with the game.