CODING UNPLUGGED creativity at Gqeberha primary school

In March Melliska Nortje from Laerskool Excelsior, attended my CODING UNPLUGGED workshop in Gqeberha. Yesterday I received this encouraging message from her, regarding their coding club at school. Wonderful to hear how she is implementing very creative ideas!

“We started a coding unplugged club at our school 4 weeks ago. I teach them the different components of coding this term. Each week we do a group challenge where they must work together and use critical thinking and problem solving skills. We then go over to a word that is related to coding that they learn. The learners do practical stuff or play games to connect these themes to their lives.

The 1st week we did the importance of instructions. Each group had to write instructions for me to make a Bovril and butter sandwich. I followed the instructions to the word. This was quite fun.

Last week we did sequences. We played games of a list of things they have to do, in a sequence. The last one who was able to complete the whole sequence won. This week we gave each group of 5 learners, 5 little marshmallows, 10 rows of spaghetti and a 10cm piece of duck tape. They had to build a standing tower, the tallest one won.