Celebrating Mandela Day 2023!

Tangible Africa hosted their Mandela Day Coding Tournament, with our Love Your City team on-site, providing assistance and spreading the spirit of learning and collaboration. Watch the Highlight Video here!

🎮💡 Tangible Africa’s unique approach involved using mobile games and puzzles to introduce coding concepts without the need for computers. It’s inspiring to witness the positive impact of such innovative methods.

📅 Back in 2018, Tangible held its very first Coding Tournament, with 30 learners participating. Today, we are thrilled to share that this event has grown exponentially, reaching a staggering milestone of hosting 10,000 learners across multiple locations.

🙌🌟 We couldn’t be prouder of their achievement and the support they’ve received from the community. We are already eagerly looking forward to the next tournament!