Tactile coding – bridging the digital divide for visually impaired learners

The digital divide is something most of us are aware of – a harsh reality that divides people roughly based on their access to technology, and thus the advantages it brings. Those on the wrong side of the divide often suffer from a lack of access to information, bad healthcare, and limited access to government […]

Sadtu introduces robotics and coding to visually impaired pupils

The South African Democratic Teachers Union (Sadtu) has embarked on a programme to introduce coding and robotics to visually impaired and blind pupils across the country. Working with other unions in education as part of the Teacher Union Collaboration programme, Tangible Africa and Bona uBuntu, Sadtu is training teachers, who educate visually impaired and blind […]

Celebrating Mandela Day 2023!

Tangible Africa hosted their Mandela Day Coding Tournament, with our Love Your City team on-site, providing assistance and spreading the spirit of learning and collaboration. Watch the Highlight Video here! ūüéģūüí° Tangible Africa’s unique approach involved using mobile games and puzzles to introduce coding concepts without the need for computers. It’s inspiring to witness the […]

Tangible coding for the blind

  Masibulele Naki impressed us with his skills at using this adaption of TANKS for the blind. The tokens are 3D printed with braille on them, while the levels are also printed in 3D, which allows him to feel where the tank and its destination is. Bona Africa – a great partnership between Tangible Africa […]

Coding with the President

Pres Ramaphosa spent 30 minutes at the Mandela Day coding tournament in Qunu this morning. He gave learners a chance to explain to him how RANGERS works, theb gave them an encouraging message. Thembelani Maphanga¬†introduced the project to the president, highlighting its relevance to the rural Eastern Cape. Thanks to¬†Lizwi Gwaza¬†, Jess Willard and Phikolomzi […]

Tangible Coding touches thousands of lives across South Africa

Tangible coding, which was predominantly used in a pilot project by the Department of Basic Education last year to introduce 21st century skills to primary school learners across the country, has proven to be an excellent tool for the diverse South African school landscape. Various coding platforms were introduced to 23¬†636 teachers across the country […]